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Astaxanthin from Astasupreme - USA 
 Astaxanthin - Vital protection against free radicals   
Supreme Biotechnologies is a global leader in the production of natural astaxanthin, in Nelson, New Zealand. But we trade across the world, bringing our products to people like you, right across the United States.  

Nothing but the very best natural astaxanthin - We provide H. Pluvialis  
  Astaxanthin is derived exclusively from a unique strain of algae called H. Pluvialis, from New Zealand. We use this wonderfully pure algae to guarantee a healthy, uncontaminated products which we them use to culture and produce our top grade, 100% natural astaxanthin. 

Advanced technologies are used to strictly control the quality and potency of our products, and our expert production team is totally committed to a rigorous quality assurance programme, the best in the industry. That way, we guarantee our customers a consistent supply of the highest grade product.  

New Zealand astaxanthin comes to the USA - it's 100% natural Our products include:  
• bulk supplies 
• Algae Flakes 
• AstaSupremeTM 10% Oleoresin 
• convenient 4mg Vege-Capsules 
• 4mg Gelatin Capsules. 

Buy your supply of natural astaxanthin now! For a healthier heart, brain, skin, muscles and joints, buy the very best quality astaxanthin here.”