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100% Pure New Zealand 
 Non GMO, Pure Water, Pure Air, Nuclear-Free  
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Do You Have Stiff, Achy Joints?
Experience all-natural, comfort that can come from our powerful, antioxidant blend**
Why AstaSupreme?**

  • Super antioxidant blend that can proactively support joint health & comfort
  • Powerful blend combines the power of astaxanthin, curcumin, & omega-3 fatty acids
  • 6,000x more powerful than vitamin C
  • 500x more powerful than green tea
  • Can stop more free radicals than any other antioxidant
  • Produced in nuclear-free New Zealand
All-natural Comfort and Mobility Is Within Your Reach
"I use AstaSupreme and I absolutely recommend this product!"
"A friend suggested trying a supplement containing astaxanthin to relieve the joint discomfort and stiffness. My research on the nature and benefit of astaxanthin encouraged me to give it a try.

The relief was apparent after a few days of taking astaxanthin and joint health and recovery from strenuous exercise has been great as I have continued to take the supplement and carry on with my competitive powerlifting.

I am certain the astaxanthin supplement is very beneficial for overall health and in particular for anyone striving to achieve a high level of physical strength and capability."

- Ron

"My knee recovered in 
record time!"
“I was introduced to AstaSupreme Joint Mobility about 3 weeks after I had a Total Knee Replacement Operation. My knee recovered in record time and is back to full flexibility.

I have been taking AstaSupreme Joint Mobility now for 7 months and I am sure my general good health over that time is due to this product.”

- Joan
"It’s now part of my supplementary regime and am telling everyone about it!"
“I’ve been taking vitamins for several years now. Late last year I started taking AstaSupreme… I didn’t notice the difference until I stopped over Christmas and my old physical complaints quickly returned and I had less energy.

I immediately resumed taking AstaSupreme and it’s now part of my supplementary regime and am telling everyone about it.”

- Cliff
Triple-Action Joint Compound, in One Formula
Advanced Joint Mobility from AstaSupreme, contains a powerful, proprietary super-antioxidant blend that harnesses the triple-action strength of natural Astaxanthin and Curcumin, with Omega 3's. Astaxanthin can strongly combat oxidative stress which is linked to free radical damage causing strains*.

100% Produced from all-natural microalgae Haematococcis pluvialis
in pristine, pure New Zealand (a nuclear-free country). Our systems are completely enclosed to prevent contamination, and washed with pharmaceutical grade water.

Many other Astaxanthin products are either synthetic or sourced from algae grown outdoor in ponds, with exposure to the outside elements and air – this increases the risk of cross-contaminants. AstaSupreme truly stands out as the wholly all-natural choice that can improve joint comfort and joint health. 
Feel the Best You Can Every Day
Help support joint health with one natural formula**
Expert in preventive medicine, meet the doctor behind the science
One of the leading supporters and experts on the benefits of astaxanthin, Dr. Bob Corish is a former long-time athlete who became a physician in 1991.

Focusing on the growing need for natural ways to address joint discomfort to aid….and it really "wow-ed" him.

“Its capabilities in soaking up and neutralizing large numbers of harmful free radicals were really surprising. I’ve never come across anything to rival it,” he says.

Dr. Bob Corish then brought his expert knowledge of astaxanthin to Nelson, New Zealand to become Medical Director for AstaSupreme, and to formulate its growing range of supplements.

100% Pure New Zealand 
Non GMO, Pure Water, Pure Air, Nuclear-Free 
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